Barista’s Coffee House and Cafe (Tracy, CA): LiveLoveManja Review on Yelp!

We had such a lovely experience at Barista’s. The cashier’s sister also shares a nut allergy. So the cashier was knowledgable about what blends were safe for us to order as well as what dairy free options to stay away from (almond milk and silk soy milk which contains almonds and is cross processed with tree nuts).

Wide assortment and selection varying from mouth water Gourmet Hot Drinks, Blended Drinks (coconut craze, frosted lattes, white chocolate symphony, On the Rocks Drinks (iced white mocha, iced Sicilian latte, iced caramel sensation), smoothies, Hot Chocolate, Teas, and Iced Chai’s.

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LiveLoveManja and Ashley Nicolei visits Barista’s Coffee House in Tracy, CA (Tri Valley) while visiting dear friends in the area.

It was a refreshing, more local and health oriented, creative and expressive coffee house experience. Comparable to “Great Bear Coffee House” in Los Gatos, CA (South Bay, Silicon Valley). It is refreshing to see privately owned and local/family businesses and coffee houses position themselves as viable competitors in an overly saturated Starbucks oriented market.

Please refer to the Yelp review above for food allergy focused notes, customer experience, and overall aesthetic and vibe of the coffee house and cafe.


Buzzfeed Blog Contest with HEROIC: Bzz Bloggers, Post an Article and be entered to win $100 Amazon Gift Card

LiveLoveManja came across a lovely BBQ Rub that is gluten free, nut free, and made from “superfoods” with product test documents to prove it. How we love social media.

Crossing paths was meant to be. We were referred to a HEROIC post via Google Plus entry in our newsfeed inviting bloggers to participate in articles, product reviews, and promotional content submissions. Post an article or product view via your blog and be entered to win $100 gift card from Amazon. As an active blogger in the blogosphere and TUMBLR community … if you love food and adore writing/social media/sharing of an opinions/tasty samples why not give it your two cents?

Demos are currently being held in participating store locations in Southern California (Los Angeles) with plans to expand to the Bay Area demographic. Keep your eyes open for samples and demo booths in participating stores and food expos.

Because who does not love a little BBQ, especially when it is a healthier choice option or caters to your specific dietary preferences and healthy lifestyle? Gluten free, nut free, and made from superfoods with product test documents to prove it. You bet we were impressed when we came across that email from the brand’s general manager. MANJA all about it!

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For example, an article posted on the James Timothy White Website, http://
career-and-small-business/ really appeals to my food and health blog’s following. My blog
LiveLoveManja being focused on food allergies, awareness, and lifestyle for startups and the
business professional. My audience is highly interested in food products, derivatives, dyes,
hormones, GE products, fillers, food-like products, and other ingredients used in the USA
modern food industry, and not just the effects it has on our health but also the effects
products/ingredients/allergen triggers can have in our career/small business/workplace and
social life. I find it refreshing that such a man of business klout and influence as James Timothy
White speaks openly about his stance on the effects our consumer oriented (quantity over
quality) and dollar compulsive tendencies can have on our individual health, our employee
health (as a contributor to the labor force), and our business cultures/work environment as a
whole. This may not be a popular stance, but it sure is an honest one. LiveLoveManja likes to
support businesses, individuals, services, companies, and brands that are courageous enough
to display such transparency and truly rich (honest) business ethic.

Guest Blog with livelovemanja Manja!

"Reputation is only a candle of
wavering and uncertain flame, easily
blown out, but is the light by which
the world looks for and finds merit. ”
- James Russell Lowell
LiveLoveManja Guest Blog Featured Article with James Timothy White

LiveLoveManja was introduced to American Dream and Entrepreneurial Business Influencer, James Timothy White. We adored and admired his platform so much that LiveLoveManja featured him in an article exclusive, highlighting his small business and Entrepreneurial services.

Touching on brand management, SEO marketing and positioning, and background checks (companies are who they claim to be, confirmed through mobile fingerprint technology). Not only is White’s small business consulting firm like platform both inspiring and fascinating, so are the resources he can link entrepreneurs and small business owners to. Got our attention!

Manja would like to invite you to take a look at the article, attached to the Dropbox link above (PDF form). Let us know what you think and please feel free to re-share, should you also be inspired.



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Coco Kislinger of Coco Bakes LA: A Gluten Free Bakery for the Gluten Free Baker by a Gluten Intolerant Baker & Woman Entrepreneur

PureWow newsletter informed LiveLoveManja and Ashley Nicolei of a beautiful, brilliant, and caring woman entrepreneur - Coco Kislinger of Coco Bakes LA. We were not only touched by Kislinger’s heart felt passion and talent for the food and baking industry, but also the raw and personal story she tells of her first hand experience with gluten and dairy intolerance & food allergy.

The inspirational story begins with Coco Kislinger ditching her law degree to pursue her love and passion for baking. She was accepted into Le Cordon Bleu (Paris), a renown culinary and baking school, to practice and strengthen her talent for baking and the culinary arts. Then then unthinkable happened, she developed an intolerance to dairy and an allergy to gluten.

Driven by her passion and her big heart, Kislinger tweaked her baking and culinary skills to create and materialize a bakery focused on gluten free and dairy free product. Now, Los Angelenos are able to enjoy their favorite bakery confections without the allergen/intolerance triggers dairy and gluten. Lovely!

Kislinger is the epitome of how sometimes life’s biggest crisis or obstacle CAN become your business’s differentiator. The very obstacle itself can be the tool or inspiration to set your business apart from its competition in the market. Not only do you (entrepreneur) enrich your career and business areas of life, you also give back to the community. You self heal by sharing the obstacles and weaknesses of your customers and they heal by being able to obtain product and experiences previously unavailable to them.

Check out the bakery and the brilliant mind behind its platform at


The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills boasts “The Finest in Cheese” in all of Beverly Hills and Southern California. The online boutique (at web link provided) features a hand curated selection of their favorite cheeses.

LIVELOVEMANJA had to share when we learned the brain behind the Cheese Store is intolerant to Gluten and Dairy. She ditched law school to pursue her passion in Paris and then the unthinkable happened … she developed an allergy to gluten and an intolerance to dairy.

Driven by her love for food and passion for baking, Coco Kislinger developed the Cheese Store and Coco Bakes LA to help others who share her intolerance and food allergies also enjoy their favorite foods. What a stellar woman entrepreneur, confectionary artist, and baker she is! Please share blogosphere.


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