Happy 9 Year Fully Raw Birthday to FULLY RAW BY KRISTINA !

Women entrepreneur, leader, and raw food advocate, Kristina, is celebrating her Fully Raw ninth birthday. She shares her lessons, mistakes, journeys, and accomplishments with Fully Raw Readers and Raw Food Diet/ Lifestyle practicers.

We wish you a very happy, nutritious, restorative, and celebratory birthday FULLY RAW! You are just as beautiful and nutritious as you are kind and informative.

Here is her birthday YOUTUBE video and vegan & raw lessons learned. Watch it here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=KeXL50GnQoI


Learn more about Palo Alto based, Bare Bowls!

(as advertised on Local Food Lab page) please note below …

" Mission
Live Generously, Go BARE

Opening in Fall 2014, Bare Bowls is downtown Palo Alto’s first Acai bowl health food eatery specializing in pure acaí bowls, real food blends, and boosts that taste ahhh-sign-eee-UM (our way of saying awesome =)!

At BARE, you can expect us to:
• serve premium, handcrafted products—that means no sweetner, syrup, hydrogenated oil, sorbet, or fruit juice

• seek partnerships that promote local and small business

• inspire healthy lifestyles in our community

• strive to be transparent not only in the food we are serving, but to our customers, partners, stakeholders, friends and family

• passionately research, create, and craft healthy, TASTY, and nutritious meals and snacks for our customers

• continuously work hard to live by our heartfelt mission:

Live Generously, GO BARE “


Bare Bowls (Acai Bowls) @ Local Food Lab

Coming soon to Silicon Valley’s very own downtown Palo Alto, is Bare Bowls. Bare Bowls will be serving handcrafted acai bowls, blends, and boosts. Check it out!

Read more about it here: https://www.localfoodlab.com/members/bare-bowls-e5c6ba

Manja Note:

Before dining or consuming, please speak with restaurant owners/management about your food allergy specifics to make sure that your food allergy needs can be met or to make the safest and wisest decision for yourself, your health, and the business’s well being.


Marc Cenedella (The Ladders) brought up a brilliant point of discussion in yesterday’s newsletter and mailing list - age discrimination and the work place in modern day culture. Have you witnessed it?

Age should not be a factor of hiring nor should a food allergy. The question HR should really be asking self is can this individual fulfill the job requirements and do his/her job in a safe and efficient manner? Or, is there a candidate whom better fulfills these needs that is also applying for the position? These are valid questions and ethical hire, should candidate be chosen for skill set and ability vs. age or medical niche alone.

Often, elders are thought of having more health problems and being more of a liability for companies to hire because of their age and naturally diminishing health. But this is not true, this is just for the average citizen and every individual deserves a fair chance at application for the role or position. Some young adults have temperamental health due to severe food allergies or immune disease and are discriminated against (they should be able to work 40+ hours a week because they are young and should have energy) or are ridiculed for taking sick time (this person is young, he or she can’t really be sick). We need to check our assumptions and make sure they line up with truth, make proper and fair judgements on facts and actions than fear based beliefs or popular votes alone.

" Every hiring manager is asking herself, every HR person is asking himself, these questions about you and every other candidate they’re interviewing…

Will this candidate:

- Be able to excel in this role?
- Be able to learn and adjust as the role evolves?
- Be able to master the tools and technologies involved today and tomorrow?
- Get along well with others on the team?
- Take direction and feedback?

And it’s important for you to realize that youth is the symptom, not the cause, of age discrimination. ” (Marc Cenedella, The Ladders).


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Provisions by Food52 aces the trending “Farm to Table” aesthetic when it comes to kitchen ware, recipe books, food, and resources.

Trending in the restaurant industry, people are inspired and motivated by the purity, quality, and authenticity (simplicity) when it comes to food, diet, and kitchen ambience. Whether dining out or hosting a foodie event in one’s home, Food52 has you covered.

Foodies with food allergies also appreciate the Farm to Table aesthetic, approach, and trend in the restaurant and food industry because the simplicity and rawness of ingredients and sourcing makes it easier to avoid cross contamination, harmful (allergy triggering) derivatives, and more.

Healthier for the body, more peace for the mind, and a warm and inviting vibe. What is not to love?


Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival 2014 : Grand Tastings and Everything Foodie

LA is known for their annual food and wine festival. Chefs, restauranteurs, socialites, press, foodies, critics, tasters, and business professionals gather and celebrate flavors, presentation, texture, and beautiful food.

To learn more about the event, event details, chef line up, tastings, rates, etc. please refer to LA Food & Wine official website at http://www.lafw.com .

LiveLoveManja Notes:

As a blogger and press member focused on those living with one or more severe food allergies, LiveLoveManja is your ally when it comes to food festivals, tastings, and communicating your food allergy medical needs to chefs, servers, restaurants, and businesses.

Should you attend the event, please feel free to reblog with photos and stories of your experience, foodie with food allergy tips, and more. This generous, loving, and informative collaboration is key for integrating foodies with food allergies into the mainstream food and wine scene.

It’s a labor of love and human compassion. An art of communication. And a merge of brilliance.


Food Allergies? Do you enjoy food and wine festivals? Special events? Rodeos? Music Festivals? What are some challenges you run into with food allergies and how do you make the event safer and more enjoyable? Please feel free to post, reblog, and comment via our DISQUS thread below. Manja!

Want to learn more about LA Food & Wine Festival, scheduled to occur August 2014? Check out the festival’s promo video via You Tube and prepare for your foodie foodster mouth to water. Tummy rumble.


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