Smitten Ice Cream Review Rave Location: Hayes Valley 432 Octavia Street (@ Linden Street) San Francisco, CA Website: Smitten Ice Cream is started by a woman entrepreneur who developed the first of its type (Kelvin Ice Cream) made in 60 seconds by 100% pure liquid nitrogen! Hand made, local and sustainable ingredients, the ice cream is made right in front of you!! Per order. Can’t get creamier and smoother and tastier than that. Even better, the Mint Chocolate Chip Flavor features San Francisco based TCHO all American chocolate that works with only cacao and contains no nuts!!! Incredible (stay tuned to next post for TCHO info). Tasty flavors such as Mint Chocolate Chip (featured in picture), Apple Quince Streusel, and home made vanilla. They also feature vegan Popsicles (lavender flavor) and handmade pizelle cones. Mmm - Allergy Friendly - Vegan Friendly Live a little.

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