Raw Diet: What is It? A Diet Guide for Food Allergies

Eating “Raw” has become all the rage which begs the question…What does “Raw” truly mean?

Raw standards means that ingredients are produced and manufactured below 115 degrees F. Why? To protect these precious living nutrients - live probiotics and enzymes that can only be found in raw foods.

"Raw" means untreated, unadulterated , and has nothing artificial added. Think of how caveman eat, all good things come from the earth directly.

So whether you are just starting your health journey or you are an experienced traveler of the Raw way, look to natures medicine cabinet and the garden of life for all your nutritional needs.

Who Should not Eat Raw:
1. People with OAS (oral allergy syndrome). Often pollen on fruits and veggies is responsible for allergic reactions. When cooked the pollen is dissolved and people with OAS can consume the product with no reaction.
2. People with suppressed immune systems or disorders. Raw is more difficult for the body to break down. Soups and cooked foods are more ideal for you and will help to nourish the spleen.
3. People with Severe Bloat or Hypothyroidism. Raw food is more difficult on the digestive tract to break down and may cause bloat in some. Hypothroyidism requires a diet with foods rich in fiber and slower to break down, such as cooked greens and oatmeal.

Who Should Eat Raw:
1. People who are overweight, sleep a lot, and have a tendency to graze. Eating raw will give you pure energy and is rich in live cultures and nutrients your body needs. It also allows you to snack healthy.
2. People with dairy allergies or intolerance. Limits the risk of cross processing.
3. Those allergic to flavorings, fructose corn syrup, gluten, and other preservatives.
4. People with acne and sluggish energy levels.

For more Raw Facts and supplements check out www.gardenoflife.com - the leader of Raw Nutrition and empowerment of extraordinary health.


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