epicentermedical.com (epipentraining.com LiveLoveManja affiliate partner) blog talks about the dangers, precautions, and reality of allergic reactions to dental aesthetic.

The number of reactions are “exceedingly rare” (epicentermedical) and a few cases have only been reported worldwide.¬†However, food allergies in modern society also were termed “exceedingly rare” and are now on the rise. So much in fact, that the Stanford Alliance for Food Allergy Research has referred to food allergies as the rising epidemic in America. This shows us HOW important it is to take the initiative in educating ourselves, our medical/dental practices, and our community about dental aesthetics and the chances of allergic reaction (how to recognize complications, how to respond, etc).

Great Article, Great Post. Take the initiative to educate yourself today and click on the link above. Because, Knowledge is Power.


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