LiveLoveManja is Intrigued by Clean Plates Platform and Corporate Model: Dining App for the Sustainably Conscious and the Healthy Eaters

Manja came across Clean Plates dining app via Facebook. Clean Plates is a dining app, a website, a cook book, and a bi-coastal restaurant guide (LA & NYC) for those who live a sustainable and healthy eating lifestyle. Intrigued by their press mentions (LAist and DailyCandyLA to name a few, fellow Tweeters) Ashley Nicolei, founder of LiveLoveManja, poked around the Clean Plates website and was pleased with the information and the honest reviews she came across. 

Clean Plates is praised for their user-ability, the simplistic and sleek design, and their eye for foodie trends (popular chefs and trendy restaurants). They are an ideal guide and resource for the urban foodie, the business professional, the traveler (vagabond), and the socialite. 

When coming across their “corporate contact” page, Manja was impressed by the “dietary options” graphic (pictured above Clean Plates Dietary Options PNG, CleanPlates). Dietary preferences such as “gluten free” are expected, since the preference and food intolerance (allergen) is trending for 2014. However, we were pleased to see that less commonly targeted preferences (micro niche) such as Meat & Flexitarian, Naturally Sweet, Vegetarian & Vegan, Naturally Sweet (no fake sweeteners), and Raw Foodism were honored. Wow! Impressive!

While there are many nutritionists and websites that honor the less commonly targeted preferences, they are usually unique to the specific diet preference. It is a pleasant surprise to see multiple micro niches and diet preferences honored in one place, one app, one website, one cookbook. Great job Clean Plates! You have our attention!

Why Clean Plates?

Company Mission: Clean Plates was designed to help people make cleaner and healthier decisions when dining out. From gourmet meals to take out at your desk, Clean Plates has all types of dining and snacking scenarios covered. (


- Restaurants serving hormone and antibiotic free meats

- Festive Food Truck and Faire Food without additives and hormones

- Vegan & Vegetarian Options that are truly Gluten Free

- Restaurant Research (Sustainable and Good for You, Good Practices)

Employee Satisfaction (per Clean Plates Website, Corporate Page):

As today’s companies aspire to boost their bottom line, nutrition and health initiatives are rapidly becoming a popular part of corporate culture. In fact, studies have shown that organizations that execute fitness and nutrition programs in their offices, enjoy:

Greater productivity

Improved employee satisfaction

Lower healthcare costs

Enhanced company image

Increased interest among jobseekers

A healthy plan of action may be the best investment you make all year. Make nutrition a priority and let Clean Plates steer you and your employees in a healthy direction.

Corporate Wellness:

Clean Plates brings up a great topic - corporate wellness and what is your company doing to contribute to wellness in the work environment? 

Clean Plates notes that cleaner, healthier eating is “all the rage”. Over two thirds of today’s consumers (67 percent) choose healthier foods to stay well. Why not get in on this restauranteur trend wagon? 

The American Preventative Health Journal thinks you should …. (

Manja Note:

Clean Plates - why hello. Can we collaborate with you? This food allergy focused blogger is in app love. Pinch us, is this real?


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