At LiveLoveManja we not only support diet, nutrition, health, and wellness for food allergies and sensitivities, we also support better business practices and integrity industry wide. When it comes to diet, maintenance, nutrition, wellness, balance it is a discipline of ethics, a practice, a lifestyle. We were referred to Integrity Dietitians by fellow blogger Lauren Fowler of Mindful Meals Blog. RDN and IBS Digestive Health Specialist, it only felt natural to support an organization that is promoted by passionate dietetics and nutrition blogger Lauren Fowler. 

Looking more into Integrity Dietitians practices, Manja is pleased to see that Integrity Dietitians highlight today’s modern issue of professional integrity & how corporate practices are involved. Efforts are guided by professional integrity firm in the belief that the American Public is entitled to nutritional information not manipulated by the food industry’s profit interest. Such a motive and mission is refreshing. Where many organizations and corporations are motivated by money and profit alone, Integrity Dietitians encourages the food industry to operate from a code of ethics and make proper nutritional information available to the public (consumers). 

As a blogger and an advocate for those with food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerance we at LiveLoveManja support companies and organizations whom encourage honest & ethical business practices. Honesty and transparency is a mode of life preservation for those with food allergies and sensitivities. Denying those with food allergies and sensitivities proper nutritional information is very dangerous - absence of ingredients or proteins that may be present in cross processing could cost a food allergy sufferer his or her life. We are proud to support those who promote better business practices and awareness, especially when involving corporations and the food industry at large.


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