Annual 2014 Venture Forecast by Founders Space: A Message to Our Readers from Event Attendees

Ashley attended Founders Space Annual Founders Space forecast last week in Palo Alto at Sheppard Mullin Law Firm. Her mission? To seek and observe the habits, thought processes, and patterns of both the investors at the panel and the entrepreneurs who pursue them. A small and more intimate setting, the event had a mentor-like vibe. Open minds and spirited hearts filled the room, all eager to pick the brains of those who fund successful founders. One of the most sage like questions we witnessed asked at the panel was from an anonymous entrepreneur, “Sage on Stage, where is the best place for an entrepreneur to go to find investors?”. The question we are all wondering , yet rarely ask as directly for fear it would be too simple. Yet the simplest questions are often the post profound as well as the most direct. VC Dave jumped on the opportunity to answer. “Customers.Crowd. Enterprise.Build a product and sell it directly.Your customers have the power to back you and will when you share a common thread”(VC Dave, Founders Space). As simple as that may sound it is one of the more difficult tasks and takes a certain amount of magic to attract the crowd, to build a customer base, and to keep the customer. However, if there has been an identified need that needs to be filled within the market niche, the demand is there and in a way the product sells itself. Not working? Ask your customer (or your target customer). How can you improve? How can you reposition? Those who believe in you will invest in you - whether it be word of mouth, actual funding, or purchasing the product itself. All is an investment of energy and proof that you are doing something right. Now what? Continue. Be persistent. Be passionate. Be driven. Be courageous. And never give up. Your vision will succeed when you have this mindset. The mindset of a true budding entrepreneur. To be able to recognize these traits and opportunity in another? A budding sage on stage. Many thanks to Steve, “Captain Hoff”, for extending the invite and for making this direct research possible. And to those who exposed their visions, dreams, patterns, and thinking processes. Thank you for making this experience a lesson in pitching, in bravery, and in entrepreneurial character. A true incubation space for founders, by founders. Manja!

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