Manja Reports on The Skype Generation Project: The Generation of Doers

Watching business trends in 2013, “collaboration” has been all the rage. We see numerous companies from various industries dropping the word “collaborate”  like a newspaper on every door step. Why has uniting become such a fascination with modern business? Because we are a generation of “doers”. And Skype is right on point with the developing trend.

A recent email from Skype caught Manja’s attention, as the message seemed to be a little “pitched content” oriented. The email targeted those in the fashion industry, an industry Creator of LiveLoveManja (Ashley Nicolei) was in before breaking into the art of freelancing and working by project. She has not touched into the industry for a number of years, even though she remains connected as fashion was a passion of hers and is still of interest. We found this entertaining that Skype titled the email ” You’re Invited to Join the Skype Collaboration Project” when really the email was a pitched sales promotion on Skype’s new features and a ploy to get users more involved. This was a bit annoying.

However, on a brighter and more brilliant note we do enjoy and appreciate the rich and meatier content in the email - the inspirational quotes from fashion designers, artists, and tech designers. The videos and inspirational stories of APOLIS. And the sage advice various business leaders have shared with Skype users and readers, such as Jenny Snap Tech ” You aren’t able to do it all yourself. Working together is integral to expanding quickly”.

Faster expansion appeals to the nation and generation of doers. So Jenny of Snap Fashion and Snap Tech, how do you recommend we expand LiveLoveManja more quickly? Lets collaborate! 

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