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FoodTech+Connect (fellow blogger on TUMBLR) prompted us to the Sustainability Trend in 2014 for restaurants, culinary artists, and businesses. HuffPost Green has posted a fantastic article on the subject, highlighting the real and present need for businesses to push the needle towards sustainability and change our practices for the better.

Some very real issues that push the needle up and coming …

1. Food Waste (It’s Worse than we Thought)
2. Clean Water (Drought can effect the Drinkability)
3. Energy Subsidies (Carbon Dioxide can be reduced)
4. Greater Knowledge (Consumers are on watch for purity)

Like Plato says, humans are motivated by desire, emotion and knowledge. Are corporations always ethical? Definitely not. Are some? Sure! Lets ignore the bad and promote the ones who operate in an ethical and productive/efficient manner, the better businesses.

And just because we now KNOW to choose better, does not promise each and every individual will. This truth is powerful and inspiring the numbers to operate for the greater good is a very real game changer.

We urge you to take a read, let it digest, and soak up some food for thought. Thoughts? Please share. This is not just a war or an issue for those with food allergies and sensitivities, its also for those who do not yet have them and are most prone to the dangerous and necessary lifestyle changes should they encounter rapid onset of a food allergy.


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