We recently were given samples of a food product which had a label reading “Food Allergy Concious”. The company being based in New York, we thought they may have different food label regulations and terms that Cali based LiveLoveManja, whom usually comes across California based businesses. However, this is not the first product we have sampled that has been sourced from out of state.

We want to reach out to our Manja Blog community and see what our readers, followers, clients, mentors, sponsors, loved ones, friends, and fellow foodies with food allergies think of the term “Food Allergy Conscious” being used on food labels.

Sure, the term sounds friendly and courteous and we believe it has the best intentions. Where we are concerned is that “conscious” may be another like term for ” ___ free” on the labels, more of a branding and positioning tactic than an actual listed ingredient, cross process note, or food allergy advisory.

Firstly, what does it mean? Secondly, what does it refer to and what are the regulations for a food to be termed allergy conscious? Are we referring to one food allergy or multiple? Or all top eight?

And to our clients, brands, producers, and manufacturers whom we love so much - we are not trying to be negative or nitty gritty here. This is a simple health concern for us foodies with food allergies. We need to know the true proteins present in a product, it’s life or death for us. Thank you for your understanding, your compassion, and for your willingness to work with us on accommodations.


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